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Center for Perioperative Research (C.P.R.)

Mission Statement

A unique and innovative collaborative model of clinical and translational research led by Surgeon-Anesthesiologist teams designed to improve quality of perioperative care, realize cost savings, and foster education of the members of Surgery and Anesthesia Departments.

The Center for Perioperative Research (C.P.R.) is an unprecedented model of Surgery-Anesthesia interdepartmental research collaboration designed to foster shared responsibility for patient care through research. It’s about bringing people together to achieve a common goal.


The Center for Perioperative Research is based in the Departments of Surgery and Anesthesiology at the Brigham and Women's Hospital, but serves the entire hospital organization. We strive to collaborate both internally and externally with a variety of stakeholders, including the industry, foundations, hospital administration, clinicians from anesthesiology, surgery and other specialties, information systems administrators, biomedical engineers, pharmacists, clinical researchers and statisticians, educators, Harvard Medical School and other national and international universities.

Current and Future Projects:

  • Understand clinical risk factors for post-discharge surgical readmissions
  • Facilitate pilot research projects designed to test strategies for promoting high quality perioperative care
    • a. Devices
    • b. Pharmaceuticals
    • c. IT-based solutions
    • d. Enhanced recovery after surgery protocols
  • Translational research efforts to characterize genetic and microbiomic contributions to human variations in response to anesthesia and to surgical stress
  • Pharmacogenomics
  • Analysis of quality metrics and patient outcomes using national databases
  • Scholarly investigation of the efficacy of informatics-based clinical decision tools
  • Scholarly investigation of the efficacy of perioperative (OR and Non-OR) efficiency interventions
  • Collaboration with regional and national entities


  • Collaboration and cross-fertilization among Surgical and Anesthesia staff and trainees across a spectrum of clinical care initiatives and scholarly activities
  • Establish a national model
  • Cost savings to the Departments and to the Hospital
  • Increased academic productivity of Surgical and Anesthesia staff and trainees
  • Increased industry and foundational research grant support and commercialization of discoveries
  • Decreased complication and readmission rates
  • Improved perioperative care quality

Center Leadership

Edward E. Whang, MD
Director (Surgery)
Associate Professor
(617) 732-8669

Richard D. Urman, MD, MBA
Director (Anesthesia)
Associate Professor
(617) 732-8222

Advisory Board