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Mihm Consultative Service Frequently Asked Questions

MCPCS is not a clinic and we do not see patients in our facilities. Dr. Mihm and his team examine histology slides that were previously prepared and reviewed elsewhere. However, as a dermatologist, Dr. Mihm sees patients at the Brigham & Women’s Hospital and Dana Farber Cancer Center. Appointments to one of his clinics can be arranged by contacting MCPCS.

As a patient, how can I request a consultation?

If you wish for your slides to be sent to us, please contact your physician or lab and request that the original report and slides be sent to our office. Complete the patient consultation form and fax to the physician’s office to be included with the consultation.

Who are results sent to?

Results may be difficult to interpret by patients without a medical background. Therefore, results are sent to the requesting physician or to the physician designated by the patient. Dr. Mihm’s opinion and treatment recommendations will then be delivered to the patient by the physician. A copy of your report can be obtained from your physician. If a patient consultation form is received with the case, results will be sent to the physician and the patient.

Will you bill the patient’s insurance if it is provided?

We accept all forms of insurances. Prior authorization may be required depending on the type of insurance plan the patient has. Unfortunately, out-of-state Medicaid claims cannot be processed. Please be sure to include insurance information or indicate who should be billed for the consultation.

What is the turnaround time for a consultation?

Results are typically available 24-48 hours from the date we receive the case.

Final results may be delayed when additional tests such as special stains are required. Stains are usually processed within 48 hours and a report is issued within 3-5 days.

Why did I receive a bill from MCPCS?

Because your physician, or another lab referred your biopsy or slides for an expert opinion by Dr. Mihm and his team to be interpreted and diagnosed. For billing questions, please call 617-264-3030.


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