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Testing a Defibrillator in a Simulated Setting


Instead of employing the standard focus group to gain insight, a major manufacturer of clinical devices wanted to test the prototype of its new monitor/defibrillator in a variety of clinical settings.


The manufacturer asked STRATUS to create simulation scenarios requiring the use of its monitor/defibrillator. Experienced clinicians were engaged to participate in these scenarios using the prototype. The manufacturers’ engineers and user interface staff were able to observe and, after each scenario, ask the clinicians their opinions on the performance and ease of use of the device. They also had the opportunity to substitute their competitors’ monitor/defibrillator to assess a variety of differences.


Observing the clinical use of their prototype in a simulated environment enabled the manufacturer to make modifications in their monitor/defibrillator that would not have been possible until further along in the development process and likely after it had been deployed in the real clinical environment.


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